About the site

Why my own website? Why now? What inspired me to do it now?

I’ve owned this domain for a couple of years and was afraid to do anything with it as I didn’t have website editing tools. WordPress wasn’t available at the time at the domain host. But I checked recently and they had made it available easily. So I thought, no time like the present. A few friends had their own domains already and were regular bloggers and I’d always felt envious of them. It’s something only a geek can get, I think.

My goals for the site are to help inform people about autism from a personal perspective. To offer a happy, joyful outlook on life from a Canadian perspective. To find the humourous and quirky stories that make us all laugh or ponder life mysteries. It’s different than a Blogspot blog in the sense that it’s my own personal domain address. Personally mine. I like the feeling of ownership.

Carrie Fisher, or Princess Leia as she was known to so many of us, was a huge personal heroine of mine. She lived her life large and didn’t let the fact that she had bipolar stop her for a minute. She embraced it, she talked about it a lot, she made us laugh at some of it with her. I want to emulate her. In her advocacy for talking about mental health so openly and frankly. Mental health should be openly discussed just like any other health issue in this day and age. I aim to help dispel myths, open eyes and inform on this site. It’s in her memory that I sort of try to pick up the mantle and carry on. I found it very hard those first few days after she’d died. A huge loss in my life. But, as Mark Hamill said on one of his Facebook posts recently, she’s giving him the finger from heaven, quite likely. So, let’s find the humour in life. She’d want us to.