My interests are varied considering the length of time that I’ve been on the planet. I enjoy cooking with Tim considering that we are both supposed to be eating lower calorie meals with increased vegetables and fruits.  Trying to incorporate more non meat protein into our diets. I love baking. One of my favourite books is Baking with Julia Child. I make my own bread regularly and my tea biscuits are to die for, says Tim. I enjoy gardening, to a point, not the weeding part of it though. I love being able to go out and pick fresh rhubarb though in our garden or fresh herbs for cooking or baking.

In 2008 I started playing World of Warcraft and have been playing pretty much since. I’ve made some good friends that I’m quite close to, in the game. They are online friends, but as real to me and close to me as friends I see in person.

My husband had total knee replacement surgery done in 2017. So we go out for walks regularly. It helps keep me in trim shape and helps keep him limber and healthy, as well.

My new(er) keen interest is to embrace minimalism. I’ve just felt that we’ve stagnated in this house of ours for 27 years now. Far too much stuff, far too much clutter and way too much inaction in dealing with it. I am getting serious about it. Working hard at switching my mode from being “let’s live with the mess” to “let’s clean this place up and have it looking neat and tidy”. It’s an on-going process that will never end, I realize. Got to hop aboard that neat and tidy train and ride those rails to infinity. Or risk having the house a mess once again.

For reading I enjoy Tempe Brennan novels by Kathy Reichs and Dick Francis novels. I quite enjoyed Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher.

I don’t honestly watch any TV any longer. Not in my venue. Nor do I listen to much radio. I do listen to CBC radio, on occasion. We do enjoy listening to our copies of Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe