Beginning of fall

It’s been a hot summer here in Quebec with little rain. I like to have the windows open when I can, getting in the fresh air. I feel so fortunate to live in a part of the country that has wonderfully fresh clean air. No smog, no pollution and little car traffic where I live.

The big exciting thing in our lives this last summer was purchasing a new electric vehicle! It’s a Nissan Leaf 2019 SV model. It’s perfect for our daily use of small trips around the city with little to no highway driving. The trouble with the Leaf and why it’s put down is due to the lack of a thermal management system for the Lithium Ion battery pack. It’s simply air cooled, meaning you need the flow of air around it to cool it off. Other types of cars, including the Tesla and Chevy Bolt, have liquid cooled battery packs. They can go for longer distances and be charged at fast chargers easily and multiple times. The Leaf, on the other hand, would dramatically slow down when charging numerous times due to the excessive heat of the battery pack. We have a range of about 275 km, or about 220 miles roughly on a full 100% charge.

We got the floors of our house done in laminate. So, no more dusty 20 year old carpet, thank goodness. It had outlived its usefulness, indeed. Much easier to clean the floor now with a mop with a microfibre cloth attached. Not paying for those expensive refill mops that seem ubiquitous these days.

My parents are doing well but aging quite quickly. They aren’t as mobile as they were even 6 months ago. My mum celebrated her 91st birthday a few weeks ago and my parents celebrated 66 years of married life, as well. My dad will turn 93 in a couple of weeks. He’s still pretty sharp on the uptake but my mum is slowly descending into the dementia stages of life. Sad to see but I still see glimpses of her at full mental capacity.

I cut all my hair off. It was long and stringy and I needed to do something with it. So, from having hair that was about mid chest, it’s now quite short with bangs. Much easier to keep clean and shampoo, for sure.

Moods are good, nothing to complain about. I feel happy and settled, most of the time. The increase in my bipolar meds seem to have worked nicely, thank goodness.

Sarah, the older one, started university this fall and she’s taking human rights and social justice with a minor in law. So, she’s fully into reading and comprehending the basics of law principles.

Well, guess that’s all for now. Ciao and peace.


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