Happy Spring

It’s a beautiful time of year isn’t it? With the birds chirping happily, seeing robins pulling up worms from the lawn, green things sprouting all over. And rhubarb, that wonderful sweet/tart taste with sugar. My parents love it and I’ve taken over two batches of stewed rhubarb for them to eat. It was my gift to my mum on Mother’s Day to arrive with stewed rhubarb. Yes, rather an odd choice but really, honestly? Does she need more stuff? No, in a word.

So yesterday I went to see my Mum and took her more rhubarb. Sat and talked for about an hour and caught her up on all the news of the family. She’s doing well. A bit confused at times, and has trouble coming up with words that escape her to express them. But overall, still quite sharp and with it. Didn’t see my dad yesterday as he was out at an appointment.

Feeling pretty happy overall at this present time. It’s my best friend Pam’s birthday today. She’s 58. I’ll soon be 58, as well, on June 5th. I’m not afraid of getting old, at all. It’s a fact of life that we are born, we lives for who knows however many years, we pay taxes and we die. Blunt assessment of life but there you go, me being blunt. I aim to live my life doing what I want, when I want. I’m not going to try to eat healthy 100% of the time. I’m not going to live life being on a diet. I’m not going to live life feeling I’m broken and disabled. Nope, not happening. When I go, I go. I just don’t want to be hanging onto life at 90, like my mum is and saying I just wish I’d die. I don’t want to be 90. I said to her, I guess you took care of yourself too well then. She laughed at that.

So, off to live life to its fullest, being happy doing what I want to do.


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