Life is a roller coaster with bipolar

Been living life on a roller coaster of emotions, feelings and moods. But, for the most part I’ve stabilized a lot since having the increase in my meds. So, that’s a good thing for sure. Less prone to angry outbursts, although they do happen. As I approach my 58th birthday I’d like to think back on what I did in the last year that made me proud and feel something good inside me. I healed some mythic+ dungeons in WoW which I never saw myself doing a year ago. I made some fabulous meals in the Instant Pot which is our most used kitchen pot most days. We subscribed to the organic vegetable co-op which means I ate more great vegetables than before and felt a lot healthier. We got a 1/4 side of beef and put that in our stand up freezer and we’ve been able to make some good meals out of that meat. The steaks are heavenly good, being grass fed beef and tender. I handled dealing with my parents moving into an old age home decently I feel. I’ve tried and mostly succeeded in getting past the sorrow stage that they’re now there. Just another phase of life, I realize, for them. It’s not anything bad that’s happening to them, just a change in living accommodations I handled taking my two daughters to Montreal on my own last November for visiting and touring a couple of universities for Sarah. She’s decided on attending an Ottawa university in Human Rights and International Law in an honours program. I got told by her psychology professor that I did a good job in raising her after I’d described to him my philosophy of raising her. My modus operandi, after reading so many books about child rearing while I was pregnant, was to let her be in charge of her own little bubble where she had preferences. I remember Penelope Leach saying it’s your duty as a parent to prepare what food you want them to eat, present it in small portions, easy to eat and then let them eat what they want, how much they want to eat and then it’s your job to take it away when they’re done or starting to make a mess with it. Offer a wide variety of foods on a regular basis, depending on allergies of course. So, that in a nutshell was what I did. Sending them off to the park on their own when a bit older. Letting them decide if they wanted to take swimming lessons (that was a no) and guess what? They still learned to swim! Gasp! Letting them decide what summer camp to go to. Both picked arts and crafts as their choice.

So, yes, a good year in retrospect. I’ll think of more stuff to write in the coming few weeks leading up to my birthday on June 5th.


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