Happy Summer Solstice and first CSA box!

Well, it’s a happy day. June 21st, the longest day of the year and our first day of getting our CSA box. Here are some pictures on my Instagram and here’s my salad I had at dinner time. Yummy!! Very tasty. So, the fridge is nice and full of good green stuff.

Started the day off on a good  note by getting dressed at 5:20 am and getting out walking by 5:30. The sun hadn’t quite made it over the horizon yet in Gatineau. But just as I started the 2nd leg of my walk the sun started to hit the rooftops and in the following 10 minutes when I turned to walk the last 5 minutes towards the house the sun was right in my eyes. So I’ve truly seen all of today with it now being dark out again, the sun having disappeared after a lovely sunset, of which I caught a glimpse from our front door.

Went for a visit to my parents condo. Got my mum out for a walk, which was good. My dad got to go for a swim in  the condo pool on his own. We got to look at some old photos with my mum.

Tim got to the men’s book club meeting at the church and discuss how science and religion make sense of each other. It went smoother than some other meetings where they just discussed whatever book the person happened to be reading. Having a theme seems to promote a clearer sense of purpose to the conversation which makes sense.

I cut the tops off the turnips and radishes. Wrote down everything I put into the fridge that was green onto an inventory list. We figured out that was the best system to keep track of what’s in there and what should be used in a timely fashion. We aren’t going to save any money if we find a gooey mass of green mush that has to be thrown out due to it not being used on time. #canseethathappening sorry been Instagraming today and thinking in hashtags lol

I’m tired and going to go to bed. I bet I’ll sleep well. Get to get up and do it all over again tomorrow. Hope your day was as satisfying as mine was. I feel happy and joyful. Life is good. Summer is here. Hurray!




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