Sourdough Adventures

Well, we’ve been on sourdough adventures. I read an article here about sourdough being safe for gluten sensitivity. I did a double take at first, for sure. But she is a registered dietitian. And the more I read, from a variety of sources, points to the fact that something in the long, slow rising of actual sourdough bread somehow negates the inflammatory properties of gluten in the bread. So, I’ve been carefully tending “Simon” and “Garfunkel” our two sourdough starters. Going to make one a white starter and the other one a whole wheat starter. They were doing okay last week. But I refrigerated them for a few days. Now they are very sluggish and not doing much even after feeding them. Just have to keep to the schedule. Discard most of it, feed it with 3 heaping tablespoons of flour and some water and stir it all together and let it sit, loosely covered for 12 hours to do its thing.

Hope we can get making bread soon. Have to have dependable rise and fall cycles on the sourdough starter before you can depend it being strong enough to raise bread for you.




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