So just Beet it

So, there are benefits to liking beets. Have a read of this article Just Beet It and see what she says. I’ve always enjoyed beets. More reason to like them now! One of the cool things I got for my birthday was the spiralizer attachment for my KitchenAid mixer. Yes, I know, anti downsizing. Well, sorry but my kids need to eat more veggies. Dietitians orders lol. So, yeah it cores grooves out of the sturdier vegetables and fruits and makes them into nice long rings or spirals, depending on the cutting blade you use. We have 4 cutting blades to use. They are sharp (duh!) Sliced my little finger open the first day while washing one off. The only quibble I have with this model of spiralizer is that that the food in question has to be 5 inches in length or shorter. And it can’t be too fat around in diameter either. And it has to be sturdy enough so that the little gripper teeth hold on to it and spin it while the cutting blade at the other end actually cuts the rotating food. Works wonderfully for carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, apples, pears, parsnips, and other “harder” veggies and fruits.

Some photos I took that are on Instagram of my spiralizing adventures.

So far, the best results for kids actually eating the vegetables have been the sweet potato fries and the zucchini noodles or “zoodles” mixed with pesto sauce and extra garlic. Those were big hits.

So, here’s to more veggie eating in our house!




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