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Haven’t written much on here lately. Been busy with life. Had a birthday in there on June 5th. My 57th birthday to be exact. Not going to play coy with my age. Proud of it. Only going to be on this planet for a little while. Might as well be proud of every day I’m around, right? We had a nice dinner that I made, of course haha. That’s the rub being the good cook. We didn’t have cake as the girls decided against making a gluten free cake and I didn’t really need the extra calories. We went out for dinner with my parents one night close to my birthday to celebrate due to my actual birthday being on a Tuesday. Tim and Victoria and I met my friend Pam for a nice dinner out on June 10th at a local restaurant to celebrate our mutual birthdays. That was nice. I enjoyed the meal immensely,  not having to cook it. What was super nice was that due to me mentioning to the waitress that we were there celebrating our mutual birthdays they offered Pam and I dessert on the house. Super generous of them.

Haven’t been out walking much due to an unfortunate accident that happened. I was just getting into a nice rhythm of 3 days in a row of getting up early, getting dressed first thing, having a drink of water and going walking for a half hour. But on the third day, about half way along, suddenly I felt a sharp stinging in my right heel. I stopped and took my shoe off and shook it out thinking ‘hmm, must have picked up a rock’. Put it back on and started walking again. Still very painful. So I stopped, took off shoe, took off sock, shook everything out throughly. Put it all back on again and then it was okay. When I got home I noticed some blood there on my heel. When I felt it, there was an actual chunk of skin dug out. I think it was a piece of glass that I picked up on my left shoe that got put into my right sock. Ouch. So, that meant not wearing any type of shoe with a heel for about a week and a half while that healed. I have a bike now, thanks to my brother. So, have been riding it off and on. It’s fun. But my hands go numb from pressing on the handlebars if I ride too long. Only downside to that.

Food wise things are going okay. Sarah is enjoying the food I’m making, for the most part. It’s hard to get the right soy milk smoothie that she likes. Have tried a variety of options. She prefers the orange juice based, with spinach, and fruit added as opposed to creamy milkshake type ones. Forget banana, she can’t stand the taste. Which is unfortunate as a lot of smoothie recipes have banana in them lol. Victoria, on the other hand, will drink creamy banana shakes every day. She’ll happily take Sarah’s rejected ones haha.

Looking forward to getting our first box of fresh veggies from the organic farm this coming Thursday. Hard to believe time has flown by that fast. Where has June gone? Wow. Time has flown by.

Happy Father’s Day tomorrow (Sunday) to all the Dad’s out there. Even if you aren’t a biological dad you still give the love and support a child needs in order to thrive and be loved. You are appreciated, I’m sure. I sure appreciate my father a great deal. He’s 91 years old now. Still sharp and able to drive and cope with daily living well. But definitely showing signs of aging a lot. As is my mum who’s 89 now.

Give thanks for all you have. We have so much to be grateful for. An abundance of riches, in fact. Whiners and complainers aren’t able to appreciate the abundance of what they have. They only see the negatives. Must be sad to live life like that. I’m grateful every day.

“A baby learns every day not by being taught but by simply doing” paraphrased from Penelope Leach




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