Asked the girls honestly

Well, I asked the girls honestly if they minded if I used their names on this blog. They’re 18 and 16 years old after all. So Sarah, who’s 18 said “no?” with a quizzical look in her eyes like “why are you asking me that” idea obviously floating over top her head. Victoria, who’s 16, said “No I don’t mind” in her simple, blunt way. Anyhow, so yeah from now on I’ll just use their names for ease of writing.

The first loaf of gluten free bread turned out wonderfully. Picture is here on my Instagram account.  Smells so wonderful in the house. I used Pete’s All purpose Flour blend which is a Ottawa bakery/company that does entirely gluten free/nut free baking and food prep in the Ottawa area. Their products are carried in quite a few stores in the 2 hour radius around Ottawa. Their loaves of bread retail for about 7 to 8 dollars PER loaf! Ouch! So, I am saving major moolah by baking myself. It’s not hard, at all. Just have to remember that it’s rather sticky dough, like thick cake batter consistency and that it’s only going to rise once in the baking pan. I think next time I won’t set the oven at 400F on convection. Only 375 maybe, on convection, for about 45 minutes.

Sarah said “it sure smells good Mum” when she emerged this morning and said thanks for going to the trouble to make her fresh bread to eat. Which is nice to be rewarded with even a simple thank you.

So, I imagine I’ll have to be baking gluten free bread for quite a few more times in the next few dozen years or so. I’ll get pretty used to it, I guess.


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