CSA box

Well, we’ve signed up for a CSA box starting in middle of June, running to the end of September. That stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In Quebec this umbrella organization Equiterre┬áprovides the framework for organic farmers and growers to offer their produce to consumers at a reasonable rate. So, you, the consumer, pay an upfront cost for the yearly supply. This gives the farmer the money up front to pay for seeds, planting, harvesting and in return, you get a steady supply of fresh veggies spread over a 16 week period, either weekly or bi-weekly. We chose the weekly plan as we are 4 people and I forsee us eating enough of the produce to warrant getting a fresh box each week. Can always make soup and freeze if we have extras! The bonus part is that it’s all organic, locally grown, providing work to Canadian, local farmers, and keeping the money within Canada (within Quebec even!). Truly locacuisine, at it’s best. The nicest thing is, it’s essentially cheaper than buying the individual items at the store if we bought the organic versions. So it’s truly a big WIN WIN for all.

So, I’ll start making meal plans in mid June based off what we get in our box. Then supplement at the store with what we need in addition along with regular groceries like milk, eggs, meat, etc.

Looking forward to the lovely fresh vegs!

Have a great day ­čÖé


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