Such happiness today

Well today was a good day. Yesterday wasn’t so good. Just felt low, depressed and sad yesterday. Tried making a few recipes for Ms. Gluten Free which weren’t met with very much enthusiasm. It’s rather deflating might I say. But have to be the adult here and rise above the “yuck, I don’t like that but thank you for trying” and keep experimenting. She’s adjusting, too, to new foods with different mouth feels, different tastes and textures that she’s not used to. Of course things aren’t going to be as good. Some things will be a hit, of course. Just have to find the sweet spots.

One great thing about today is that only 3 days into a gluten free diet she’s already noticing less stabby pains in her lower abdomen area. Knife-like, random, stabbing. Also, much less gas. Also, less feeling of being depressed. She’s confirmed that that’s why some days she just felt so low, so depressed, so sad,  no energy, just angry at everything and everybody and ready to snap your head off.

I got some baking supplies of gluten free flour mix today and am going to attempt gluten free baking powder biscuits to have with strawberries and blueberries and frozen yogurt tomorrow for dessert. We’re having my parents over for Mother’s Day dinner. I’m doing dinner for all of us. Going to have home-made hummus and veggies to start. Then have chicken, cooked vegs, potatoes and a kale, orange and red onion salad. Then regular baking powder biscuits for the rest of us with berries and yogurt.

Hope it’s a success. So nice to have a happy day today. It’s nice to feel joyful, for sure.

Stay happy!



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