Made my mum cry but it’s a happy cry

Well, my mum got her card and letter. And it made her cry. But it was a happy cry. She called me on the phone to say thank you for sending such a lovely letter. She’d forgotten some of the stuff I wrote as memories. It made her very happy though to receive a nice letter via snail mail. So that was a huge success on my part. Today was good, as well, because I got to see my psychiatrist. All is good with my meds and we feel I’m at a good place with my bipolar. It’s not going to change obviously and I have to stay on the meds. but we’re not going to juggle anything. She’s happy to hear I’m still getting out for walks. Happy to hear that I’m implementing healthy changes in our living arrangements with trying to declutter and live in a neater house. Happy to hear that we’re eating healthy, good foods, in general.  So, carry on as I’m doing and see you in 6 months.

So, today has been a good day, all in all. I’m thankful to be alive, well, and happy. Thankful for a beautiful sunny May day where I feel things are going along wonderfully in my life. Today is a good day.

May my heart be kind. May my mind be fierce.  May my spirit be brave – Kate Forsyth


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