What about love?

Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feed it hope. Feed it truth. Feed it with love. I found that quote on Pinterest just now when I typed in “why love”. Was just curious to see to what came up. I liked that one, in particular. Because it’s true. We need to take care of ourselves first. Show ourselves first that we love ourselves most of all. Feed ourselves the best food, get our rest, get our relaxation and do our work happy and relaxed. Work to our potential and learn new things. Then we can show love and kindness and joy to others. We all need love. Every single one of us on this planet. Every single person has someone, in fact, multiple people that love them. They may not act in loving fashion very often and may not be kind or gracious but they still need love. Even if you don’t believe in God in some form or another and that saying ‘abide in my love’ may not fit into your lifestyle you still are loved. I’m basically agnostic at this point in my life, on the fence to whether there is a God or not a God. I’m just not sure and don’t care to make any judgements either way. Whatever way you go on either side of the fence is up to you. More power to you. I’m not here to tell anyone what their beliefs should be or shouldn’t be. And I’d expect the same of others towards me. Just let me muddle along in my own mind with my beliefs that there may be a God, who is compassionate and loving to us all. Or there may not be. Whatever the case may be we’re all in it together on this planet. And we need love.

You may be wondering why a philosophical post today. Well, I went to church for a change to celebrate the over 90 year olds at our church with a party. Both my parents attended and were highlighted due to their age. They quite enjoyed having the family there to support them in a happy time of celebration. The sermon was about the sayings of Jesus telling people to abide in his love. Not with any qualifications. Not with any conditions. Just love. Pure, simple, unadulterated love.

I’m happy I tell my two girls every day unprompted that I love them. I’m happy that every day I say I love you to my husband. I’m happy I say I love you to my mum and dad when I call them on the phone and say bye. Love means a lot to me. I need it, for sure 🙂 How about you? How do you show love? What can you do today to show love to those around you or some stranger perhaps? Random acts of kindness are a form of love, you know.



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