Effortless joy

Ever wonder how some seem to have effortless joy? Just happy in their own skin. Truly joyful in the moment, never dreaming of finding a better place because they know it’s not achievable. It’s just now, here, tangible in the moment you are experiencing. Then fleeting away, like the wind, gone past and into memory. It’s hard to live life not wanting more things. It’s hard to not wish for things you don’t have. It’s hard to accept the joys of what you have right now. But I’d argue that the people that are experiencing the most pleasure in life at this junction of 2018 in early May are those that are accepting the joys of their present life. They are making the most of all of it that is already there. They aren’t wishing, hoping, dreaming of more.

I want to work on accepting the joy of what I have more into my life. Stop chasing after dreams of more stuff, more items in the fantasy that it’s going to make me happier. It isn’t. What I’ve got now is enough. I need to work on effortless joy in my own skin and in my own life. Portraying that outwards to people.

Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are. – Marianne Williamson


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