Update on how the 5 km walk went

Hey I realized I never reported on how the 5 km walk went in December. Thankfully it was still not that cold in early December in Ottawa. There wasn’t any snow on the ground. So Tim and I got dressed up in a few layers and got ourselves downtown to the area. Parked our car underground in the parking garage and made our way to the starting area. My two brothers came by on their bikes to wish us well. Tim and I got going at a comfortable pace when the race started. We were the last ones, bringing up the rear. I walked at a slow pace. But we didn’t turn around early like some people we saw. We walked to the very end of the course, around the cones at the 2.5 km mark and then walked all the way back to the start line. Got our medals and woo hoo we were done! I’d walked about 17,000 steps that day by about noon hour. So, yeah I was pretty sore the rest of the day, for sure. Felt good though. Took it very easy the next day, as well. I was sore and Tim’s knee was bothering him, a bit. But we were proud of ourselves.

But here’s the thing. Without that kick in the rear of “oh I’ve got to get ready for this 5 km walk I’m doing” the incentive to get out walking just isn’t there. I don’t feel the urgency of a deadline. I really need to set another race date in the fall to work towards to push myself to get ready for it and push myself towards that date. I’m going to talk it over with Tim and see what he says about me signing us up for another one.



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