My lifestyle experiment results

As per Anthony’s post here¬†on lifestyle experiments I’d like to report on mine. I purposefully set out to not log onto two other accounts that are available to me with for Blizzard games. I was using one account to do Hearthstone on the 2nd account and do some dailies on World of Warcraft on a few characters and I was helping out my daughter with doing some dailies on her characters on her account. Both of those accounts are both of my daughters, by the way. Anyhow I said to myself “why am I feeling rushed and never feeling like I have enough time to myself and doing stuff on their accounts?” So, I purposefully removed the login credentials from my computer. I did have to log onto my daughter’s account a couple of times to get battle pets back that I’d loaned to the account. But that’s the only time I broke the ban. Not to do any actual daily tasks, or anything of that nature.

So, at the end of 21 days, I can honestly say, it’s been a refreshing 21 days without feeling extra, unnecessary stress. I’ve got the time I need to do the things I want to do on my account daily. I’ve got the time to make up a decent sized to-do list with an accompanying Eisenhower Decision Matrix

It lists in four boxes more urgent, more important tasks to less urgent less important tasks. As per the distracted type I am, and the procrastinator I am, somehow the non important non urgent tasks always seem to get done lol before the more urgent more important ones.

But what really does work for me, personally, is breaking down the big jobs into teeny, tiny bits. Like literally just “let’s get out the vacuum and clean up the papers then take a break” idea if I’ve got to vacuum a room. At least that “starting it” starts it, a teeny bit. And saying to myself, “only 10 minutes. You can work for 10 minutes Deb. Set a timer on your phone Deb. Do it. Work”. And generally as soon as I actually get actually going, physically moving, I’m okay and work through the alarm. It’s the just overall seeing “vacuum living room and hall” that gets me down and defeats me before I start. It needs to be “get out vacuum and set it up. Clean up papers and junk on floor. Take break.” Then “start vacuuming for 10 minutes”. That’s a more logical, better approach for me, for to-do lists, anyhow.

Anyhow, back to the matter at hand. Lifestyle experiments. Mine worked well. I’d suggest that at least you start with a 3 week period, if not longer to try to change something. But don’t do something too drastic to change it up. Don’t try to give up coffee and cigarettes in the same time frame, for instance. That’d be far too difficult, in my mind. Something small, easily achievable, that you can feel proud of for doing is the ticket. Don’t set yourself up for failure. I think my next lifestyle experiment is going to be without using Twitter at all. Not checking it at all, at any time of the day for the next 21 days from today. Just ignoring that feed of information. After all, Mr. Trump somehow seems to find his way into my feed no matter how ruthlessly I prune anything to do with American news, politics, life and society out of it. And who needs that asshole clogging up their brains? Not I, for sure.

If we try we only risk failure. If we fail to try we ensure failure.



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