Rational Minimalism

Some people seem to be strict about the term minimalism saying you’re not a minimalist unless ……

  1. you own 100 items
  2. you have no car
  3. your living room is white and sterile
  4. you have 1 shirt and 1 pair of pants total

Really doesn’t make sense does it? I mean, in real world terms. Of course, in textbook terms all conditions could be met. But in realistic terms, from one house to another house, different people are going to apply the term minimalist in different ways. And they aren’t wrong in stating that they are minimalists if they are living with what’s necessary to make them happy and have discarded the remainder.

This guy says it well I think. Joshua Becker whose website is here is who he refers to in the video. This is the post where Joshua Becker explains his take on rational minimalism.

So, that being said this is where I see our family taking minimalism. I see us selling one car and being a one car family. Living in our home that we’ve had for the last 27 years. Living with the items that have meaning to us, give us joy and happiness. The CD’s we enjoy listening to, the china we enjoy eating dinner from occasionally, the silver we’ll use on occasion, the wineglasses we’ll use. Doing my baking in my kitchen with the items I know I need and perhaps the girls helping out. Gardening perhaps. Enjoying taking walks dressed comfortably in my limited number of clothes that are all I really need. Wearing, perhaps, the coat and hat that I need and gloves. Or sunhat and sunglasses. Tim needs his keyboard, his guitars, his music books and his tin flutes. My girls need their day to day stuff like their computers, clothes and other necessities. But, as far as storing items for future use I don’t see much point in that if they are old, broken, or in disrepair. Might as well have the free space and clarity of mind, right? That’s my definition of rational minimalism for me, anyhow. For antique items that were my grandmothers I’m going to hang on to them in the interests of younger people in the family who may want them.


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