Getting inspiring for my minimalism journey

I’ve been getting inspired for my minimalism journey from watching a variety of YouTube videos and websites. One of the best is Break the Twitch which sets out clearly what he’s about. Some wonderfully clear, highly well produced videos that are short, clear, concise, easy to understand, get their point across quickly and helpful. Great resource.

So, from his variety of videos here’s basically a few questions I should be asking myself when I’m decluttering.

  1. Would I buy this item today in a store?
  2. Does this item belong in the timeframe we’re in today?
  3. Who could this bring joy to?
  4. How could I use this space more effectively? Either mentally, with other items, or visually.
  5. How can I reduce organizing what stuff I have. (hint: have less stuff!)

A tip he gave from Seth Godin was this: Our past selves bought things that are gifts to our present selves. Feel free to reject them or accept them in your current situation. Don’t be tied down by mental attachments to items, feelings, “but I wanted to do “this” with it.

Another great tip he gave was that minimalism isn’t a marathon nor a race. There is no finish line. It’s simply two parallel lines running to infinity. One is your current life situation and one is the life situation you’d like to achieve. It’s up to you how close those two lines come together and stay close together or drift apart. They will never end, until you die. He used, as an example, how he’d work hard with exercising and eating well to reach a goal weight then would go off the rails and eat whatever he wanted and the weight would creep back on and he’d stop exercising as much. He wasn’t maintaining the line of staying on track with eating well, staying at a good weight, and continuing good habits. That’s what the minimalist mindset has to do to stick. You have to accept that even after decluttering your home you’re going to maintain that gatekeeper aspect of guarding your home against excess clutter.


So, with his newsletter being sent to me once per month and articles to read on his website, hopefully I’ll be better equipped.

Off to do some cleaning and decluttering!


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