A day of happiness and tears of sadness

Today started off with some happiness and yet with some worry. My older cat Muffin hasn’t been eating very much at all lately and we were worried about her. So we called and made an appointment at the vet clinic to take her in in the afternoon. But in the morning we had a lovely walk in the Gatineau hills with my niece, her two daughters and my brother. It was a nice 45 min. walk that wasn’t too strenuous and yet got me some exercise. We walked at a comfortable pace and didn’t stop too many times. The younger one was in a backpack on her mum’s back and the older one just walked along beside us. She was fine with that distance.

When we got to the vet’s office we let the vet know that we were thinking of euthanasia since the cat was 13 years old and likely suffering kidney failure. But the vet said that there was a mass, likely a tumour, the size of a clementine in her abdomen. So, based on her advanced age, her losing weight, her likely kidney failure, euthanasia was the best choice. So we said goodbye and it was the end of seeing Muffin. My dear sweet furry friend for 13 years. I’ll miss her terribly. It’ll be sharp, for a while, then time will dull it but tears will come as I think of her. But I can rest easy knowing I did the right thing at the right time. She died purring, being patted by me. Not in drastic pain, not in distress. At a good time in her life. When she still had quality of life. Have to rest easy with that.

But the tears are going to come for a while.


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