Did a beautiful walk we’d never done this morning

Well, we did a beautiful walk we’d never done before this morning. It was from the parking lot on Meech Lake Road up an escarpment, along a lovely long shaded forest path, down a steep long hill, then across a very sturdy bridge. We stopped to read the interpretation plaques where they stated they are trying to preserve the unique ecology of Meech Lake despite human encroachment. Then another hill upwards then a short way along there was a turn off to the Wilson Carbide Ruins. That path was significantly narrower and steeper and rougher with more roots and rocks to worry about. A lot of up and then a big downhill to get to the actual ruins which are on a little stream that flows out of a lake. Nice flow of water through the rocks. Rather spooky ruins, all in all.  We didn’t linger long as there was nowhere to sit down and it was all damp and rocky. We took our time climbing back up the steep hill and started seeing more and more people heading the other way. Quite a few people, about 30 in total I’d say by the time we got back to the car. On the downhills I was careful to not let my feet slip on the gravel or rocks. We sat and had a snack on the bridge. Apples and walnuts and water made for a tasty snack. Fueled us up for the long climb up the long steep hill. I had to pause in about 4 places to just slow the heart rate a bit. Wasn’t terribly out of breath but could feel the heart pumping, for sure. We were taking it very casually, not rushing things along like some people who passed us on their way back already. Tim has an artificial knee and didn’t want to jar it or make it sore in any way. So we just took it easy. Not in it to win any awards for speed, after all. Our own pace, we’d get back in our own time. We stopped and listened to bird calls, examined shelf fungi, saw Old Man’s Beard which is part fungi, part algae apparently? Tim looked it up after bringing a small piece home with him to identity it. Reminded us of Spanish moss, only much smaller and growing vertically from fallen branches. We saw plenty of chipmunks, red squirrels, a skink, and a salamander which I squealed at and jumped away from. Not keen on those lol.

Took us about 2 hours total but we were walking for about 1 hour 34 mins. according to Strava which I turned on, on my phone. We walked 2.6 miles and did 236 ft of elevation while walking.

Was nice to get back to the car and rest. Lunch was delicious when we got home, for sure. Count my blessings for a good hearty omelette cooked by Tim, for sure. I made sure to say thank you to him for making lunch. Then enjoyed a couple of nice cups of coffee.

Was a good walk today.


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