Grateful for extended networks of friends

Back when I was first pregnant with my first daughter I joined a mailing list group with other mothers expecting the same month I was, September 1999. Well, that list is still ongoing. We’ve moved to Facebook, in a closed group and are still in contact. There’s a network there, still, of mothers who share a common bond of recent 18 year olds. With their trials and tribulations of heading off to college, staying at home, or living in a dorm, far away from home. It’s become 2nd nature over the years to think “I wonder if Lynette feels the same way about this with her daughter, or Tracey wonders this about her son, with regards to the group members. I’ve never met any of the group members but man, I sure feel I know them after 19 years of sharing stories and experiences together. It’s been a journey together, for sure.

Another extended network of friends that I have is the Cyan/Myst universe with regards to the Myst video game and Cyan game studio. From the forums for the game we forged friendships, some of which last until this day. Silly Mike, from Down Under, with his scientist stunts he shares on Facebook, to Matt, Mr. Smarty Pants who’s now a Google engineer. I feel blessed to know people due to a video game forum. Then there’s Lauren. Ms. Tea Voyeur, who got me hooked on matcha tea and all its wonders. She’s fabulous. Met her husband via the game forum, they met in person, fell in love and have been married for 7 years now, and just had their first child 2 years ago. Such a happy wonderful story.

Another network of extended friends I have is through my friend Mike. We get together a few times a year in Ottawa to do cross country skiing and have a meal out at a restaurant. Just a nice way to get out with some different people.

Grateful for those that take the time to listen to me and my issues and troubles 🙂


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