Grateful for clean roads and air and cherry sherbet haha

I’m grateful for clean roads to walk on every day to get my exercise. Grateful for the beautiful fresh air we enjoy here in Canada, free of pollutants and smog and smoke. It was beautiful on my walk this morning with the clouds just above the rooftops with mist all about. It was light out but an amorphous light with no distinct source. Quite pretty. We did another gorgeous walk up in the Gatineau Hills, about a 20 minute drive away from our house. Tim, our younger daughter and myself went. We walked on nice paths for the most part but then did some cross country forest walking as it was getting late and we were a bit far from the parking lot/car and wanted to get back quicker. Thankfully I had my sturdy walking poles with me as we climbed up a steep bit then had to descend down a windy path that was littered with stones, logs and other assorted get-me-into-trouble if I wasn’t paying full attention obstacles. It was a fun walk with lots of interesting things to see. We saw a black newt (tiny lizard with 4 legs that’s about 4 inches long total from head to tip of tail) that lives in Eastern Canada forests. Saw lots of mushrooms, puffballs and shelf fungi. Tim and the girl were pushing over dead stumps of trees for fun, or trying to, at least.

We got to stop for ice cream after! I got cherry sherbet in a cone, 1 scoop. Tim had chocolate ice cream and the girl had chocolate mint ice cream in a waffle cone. Was really nice and enjoyable. Then home for a nice dinner.

So I walked for a total of 10,443 steps today, well over my goal of 7500 steps. Hurray! And I ate less than my allotment of calories. So, it’s a win for today. Let’s see how tomorrow goes. 🙂


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