Grateful for food comfort and warmth

As per Maslow’s hierarchy of need where food, warmth and shelter are key I feel so fortunate. I live in a semi-detached house that we own, free and clear, no mortgage, it’s paid for, completely. It’s got rooms for all of us to sleep in, a nice kitchen and eating area, a dining room, living room and computer/tv room and 2 and 1/2 bathrooms. There’s a garage too, but it’s filled with stuff and never has a car parked in it. We’ve got 2 cars which is a luxury, I know. We’ve got food in abundance every week. I never go hungry nor does my husband or my children. We are always warm and comfortable or cool and comfortable, if need be, with the air conditioner.

When I hear of refugees I think of people having to leave all I have behind. Just saying goodbye to everything I have, totally. All of it, gone. And I feel sorrow for them. Sadness and empathy for the plight they are in. Which why I try to donate unused clothing and items to charities that give to refugees here in the Ottawa area. To share with them my good fortune.

So many of us in North America, in particular, are so fortunate, and don’t realize it. Only a natural disaster away, or a civil war away from being a refugee yourself, walking away from everything you have, with nothing but what you can carry in a small bag.

Feel grateful for what you have today. It could be gone tomorrow 🙂 I try, every day, to say a thank you for my good fortune.


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