Bit of an update

Well, after sounding positive and hopeful in my last post, things didn’t go quite as planned. I’d strained a muscle in my right calf and walking aggravated it. So I had to lay right off walking for a few days and only did a few short 10 minutes walks a couple of days for about a week. Then gradually got back into longer walks. But I’m proud to say that today being Friday, that every day since last Sunday I’ve done a 30 minute walk before breakfast to get my motor running for the day. Get that metabolism up and running bright and strong. And guess what? Consistently in the last week, the weight is steadily dropping again. Duh?!!? Of course.

Eating healthy is costing more of course but it’s going to pay off in the long scheme of things with better health and nutrition for all of us. Another factor is that both my daughters have low hemoglobin levels so are low on iron. So they need more good meat meals and vegetables and healthy foods instead of pasta and pizza meals.

It’s turned back to summer here, with no need to have a jacket on for my walks in the morning. Which is nice to enjoy some summer weather in September. Enjoying the fresh fruit and vegetables that we have in abundance in the stores here in Ottawa, Canada. We are blessed, truly.

Been practicing mindful relaxation at night in bed. Focusing on my breathing in and out and trying to push away thoughts and just think about the breath. It’s hard to keep the mind from being busy with the days thoughts but it’s good for falling asleep lol. Which is why I’m doing it. Turning off the screens and going to bed at 9 pm and just lying there, breathing for an hour or more some nights. Waking up at 5 am with no alarms or light. Just feel the urge to get up and get moving. Have my steel cut oats porridge most mornings with cinnamon and goji berries and wheat germ and ground flax and hemp hearts. Yummy with fresh fruit and some almond butter or a handful of fresh walnuts on top. Not allowing any sugar/honey/sweeteners natural or artificial to interfere with taste of food. I want to appreciate food for its simplicity and goodness within itself.

I feel good 🙂


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