So nice to feel better

I definitely feel better about myself. I went for a short walk today since it was rainy out and I didn’t want to get soaking wet. But I still got out there. It was only 10 minutes, but still, it was 10 minutes. But when I got back in, I wasn’t tired at all, wasn’t the least bit short of breath and just felt good. It just felt so good to start my day off with a nice short walk. Tomorrow it’s going to clear up and I’m going to get out there for another 30 minute walk. I’m going to challenge myself this week and try to say okay, let’s do that every day this week Monday to Friday, without fail. And see if I can keep that challenge. I’ll post if I do, and I’ll wager I’ll be pretty proud if I do.

The nicest thing I felt today was when I went to zip up my raincoat when it used to feel tight around my stomach, this morning it didn’t. I had room to zip it up. Best feeling in the world, I swear. It’s the little things like that. Feeling I have more energy. Able to walk up the stairs easier. Work in the kitchen longer without feeling tired. A blessing in disguise getting this wake up call about my blood sugar, I swear.

The meals are good. I’m trying to have some carbs, some protein and some fat at every meal with vegetables being loaded up on. For breakfast most morning I’m having rolled oats mixed with a bit of wheat germ, bit of ground flax, some chia seeds, a small handful of goji berries. To top it off I have some fresh fruit and a spoonful of almond butter or walnuts on top for the fat. For lunch I have salad plate with some lean protein, usually some whole grain bread or whole grain cereal like quinoa or bulgur and olive oil and vinegar dressing. For dinner we’ve been having fish, chicken, tofu, or turkey with little red meat, and a variety of whole grains like barley, brown rice and about 3 types of veggies or salads. The biggest hit so far has been black bean, mango and coleslaw salad from Eating Well magazine recipe. Made it 3 times so far and whole family loves it. Other recipes, definitely not worth time/effort for results, therefore not in rotation for another night.

Motive Nutrition is a Montreal company run by a registered dietitian I found on Youtube Channel  Lovely helpful motivating (duh!!) advice. Found a few other great Youtube channels to watch regularly. I’ll link to them in following posts.

Today is my eldest daughter’s 18th birthday. So happy I’ve gotten to spend 18 wonderful years with her. She’s amazing and I love her so much.


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