Being a Mum

I know it likely bothers some people to see me write it Mum, but that’s what I’m used to, being Canadian, as opposed to Mom. My British roots showing I guess.

I became a mum later in life than I wanted. We were trying for a while then I needed to have treatment with IVF (in vitro fertilization) in order to have Sarah at age 38. We were very fortunate that one cycle worked. I was over the moon to find out in early January 1999 that I was pregnant via telephone call. Due to my age they recommended I have amniocentesis done where they draw a bit of the amniotic fluid from around the fetus and analyze it. Thankfully, it all came back normal and we didn’t have to make a devastating decision. I was so terribly worried about complications like spina bifida and other complications.  She was born naturally and was an easy baby.

My second one was conceived the old fashioned way, thankfully. We were just talking about maybe needing another treatment of IVF then I found out on the May 24th long weekend that I was pregnant. Was a very happy weekend in 2001. Sadly, during that pregnancy the World Trade Centre disaster happened. So, I’ll always associate seeing those towers fall with having a baby inside me and thinking of all the mothers and fathers killed that day. So very terribly sad. So many tears that day and the days afterwards. This pregnancy was pretty easy, in retrospect. But she was stubborn at the end. She was breech and was going to stay that way. So I had to have a c-section, which went well. Thankfully though I did have one, since she was 10 lbs, 1 oz. A very big baby! But we had a hard time with getting her to breastfeed properly. Her suck was very weak. I had to supplement with pumped breast milk for ages, but we got her going finally. I’m proud of myself that I stuck with the breastfeeding right through to 2 years old with both of them. Not that easy but best for them. It was a case of them both self weaning themselves.

For all the sleep-ness nights and being woken up at 6 am by crying because they were hungry I’m thankful beyond belief. We are blessed with two beautiful girls who are kind, very helpful, attentive, responsive and polite. The special education coordinator has said to me that she loves my girls. So wonderful to deal with them. Easy people.

I don’t name them on purpose as I don’t feel it’s my place to start naming them on my public blog. If they want to be known on the internet, they can do their own thing, I figure, right? Just my personal choice, anyhow.


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